The Art of Journalling 5 Tips for a Powerful Journaling Practice

A journaling practice is a powerful tool when it comes to achieving your goals as it reaffirms what you’re working towards and gives you clear direction and daily purpose. Journaling creates space for you to choose how you want to feel for the day and brings your goals and vision to a deep level of consciousness which can amplify your success. Imagine the difference between checking in with your goals and vision every single day compared to checking in with them only once every three months or perhaps never.

On an energetic level with journaling, you’re aligning your energy, thoughts and beliefs with what you’re wanting to bring to life. Metaphysically, like attracts like, so if you’re beginning each day consciously programming your brain to align with what you desire, what you want to call in and how you want to feel, you’re going to be more likely to experience this throughout your day. On the flip side to that, if you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts, or complaining about everything that is going wrong, you will soon find that you will attract even more of those scenarios into your life, causing a domino effect of disaster and negativity. We’ve all experienced this before! 

Once you realise how powerful the practice of journaling is, you’re going to be a whole lot more conscious of choosing empowering thoughts, words and feelings.Here are 5 tips and techniques for a powerful journaling practice.


  1. Just write. Put pen to paper and see what comes up. There is no right or wrong way to journal. Remove any self-judgement. Remove the need to go back     through and fix any mistakes. This is where you get to show up fully as yourself, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  2. Buy or find yourself a journal that feels empowering, one that you’re going to be excited to reach for every day where you can let your thoughts and creativity flow.
  3. Journal in the morning and use that time to choose how you want to feel for the day and commit to where you’re going to be focussing your energy. Journaling in the morning encourages a calm start to the day by clearing anything out of your head and doing it first thing also makes it a priority.
  4. Journal on your goals and vision at least once a week. Daily journaling on your goals amplifies your success as it brings them into your consciousness and     grounds you back into them. Copy word for word the goal you’re focusing on right now, this might be the one that you feel needs the most energy or focus at the time, the one that isn’t flowing as well as others or the one that you are finding has the most resistance. Once you have copied the goal out, think about what aligned action steps you can take throughout the day to get you closer to your goals, it might be one or two little things, it might be one big thing that seems scary. Write them down, commit to them and take action.
  5. Try the journaling technique called future forecasting. Imagine it's the end of the day and you're sitting in bed journaling on how the day went. Write it all out in past tense as if it's already happened. Focus on how you feel, what you accomplished throughout the day, include plenty of I am statements. You are ultimately writing a script for your day, in an empowering way as if it's already happened and then you get to go out into your day and bring it to life. 

You deserve to take some time out of your day to choose how you want to feel and focus time and energy on what it is you are working towards. Check-in with your vision and goals daily with your new journaling practice, step up and witness it all come to life.

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