3 Easy and Powerful Ways to Support Yourself to Relax and Be Calm

As the world continues to speed up around us so does our nervous system, forcing many of us to live our daily life in survival mode. We are reactive, always focussed on the future, looking at what to tick off on our to do list next, leaving many of us experiencing those widely known feelings of worry and pressure.


There are a number of different contributors that influence us humans to experience the sensations of worry and pressure. The first one, that you may not be aware of, is that we absorb other people’s energy in our environment. If your colleague shows up to the office in a whirlwind of rushing energy, you’re highly likely to take some of that on board too. Secondly, and something we have all experienced at some time in our lives is overthinking, where our brain is always wanting to be in control of the outcome of everything. It can also show up when we are experiencing discomfort from going through big changes in our lives and are diving into the unknown.


On top of that, we are living in a time where the feelings of worry can be deemed as something negative, something to feel ashamed of or guilty about. The truth is, it’s totally normal to have this feeling, just as it’s totally normal and okay to feel sad, overwhelmed, drained, excited and grateful. As humans, we get to experience a range of emotions, that each have their own unique brainwave frequency and vibration. So first of all, know that it’s okay to have this feeling and we’re here to let you know that it can be really easy to support yourself in a number of ways so you can begin to experience more of the emotions at the other end of the scale.


Three easy and powerful ways to support yourself to relax and be calm


One: Invest in whole foods for your gut health

There has been a huge focus recently on the mind-gut-diet connection backed by many case studies and research, proving that your gut health has a massive impact on your emotional and mental health. That means what you’re choosing to eat directly affects your mind and mental health through your mind-gut connection. Here are some easy guidelines to support yourself through food:

  • Invest in whole foods and whole food ingredients where you can
  • Remove highly processed foods and refined sugar from your diet
  • Avoid ingredients on food labels that you don’t understand, numbers and preservatives
  • Focus on including as many fresh and spray-free vegetables in your meals, include fermented foods if possible


Two: Support your body and mind with a natural supplement like me|today BeCalm

Me Today’s supplement range is based on scientific and traditional evidence to support your overall wellbeing to be on top of your game and are a great way to support your body and mind naturally.

  • The me|today BeCalm supplement is a personal favourite and includes magnesium which helps to relax tight and tense muscles, turmeric which is great for gut health and lemon balm which has been used for centuries by Western herbalists to help calm mental stress. Including Be Calm in your daily routine is a simple and affordable way to support your physical body and mind to relax and be calm.


Three: Commit to a meditation practice

Meditation is a free and accessible tool that you need in your toolkit to support relaxation in both your body and mind. Meditation activates our rest and digest mode in our nervous system and reduces the stress hormone, cortisol in our bodies.

  • Create and commit to a simple meditation practice, this might be 5 minutes a day, using a guided meditation off Youtube or Insight Timer (an incredible free meditation app full of hundreds of free guided meditations).


Being busy is a daily reality, so support yourself with these three easy and powerful practices and you can be sure to experience more calm in your life within a few short weeks. If you’re wanting to take it to the next level, you could also prioritise daily time in mother nature, moving your body in a way that feels good for you regularly and setting yourself up to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.


Live for the future and start prioritising yourself today!

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet, Me Today, Auckland

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