Moving and Supporting Your Physical Body in Winter

We all know how important it is to move our bodies daily and how amazing we feel after a good sweat sesh or yoga flow. As the days become colder and the nights become darker it’s easier to find an excuse to not move our bodies. Exercise gets pushed further down the priority list as we get deeper into winter, and a lot of us start to feel it physically and mentally. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to keep moving your body throughout winter and some simple tips to make it fun and easy when all you want to do is rug up in your dressing gown.


Keep moving your body in winter because…

  • Exercising releases the happy chemical in our bodies, endorphins, which act as a natural happiness booster
  • Exercise reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, no more winter blues
  • Creating a routine to follow that includes moving your body makes it easier to get out of bed, knowing that you have a daily purpose and accomplishments to tick off
  • Spending time outside moving your body means you’ll be getting your daily Vitamin D hit from the sun, if you’re experiencing a non-stop cold, dark and rainy winter then you can supplement your Vitamin D with the me|today Vitamin D3 1000 supplement
  • Regular exercise boosts our immune system
  • You want to maintain all the hard work you’ve put in over summer and not use winter as an excuse to lose your fitness and strength
  • It’s the perfect opportunity to have fun and connect with others


Easy and fun ways to keep moving your body throughout winter…

  • Make it easy by committing to something super realistic, like 20 minutes a day
  • Set a weekly walking date with a friend, moving your body, fresh air and connection with a friend, sounds like the best kind of exercise to me
  • Plan your week ahead, write down in your diary or on a whiteboard, what moving your body looks like for each day of the week, this makes it easier for you because you don’t have time to  procrastinate on making a decision about how you’re going to move your body, it’s already planned out for you
  • Mix up your training sessions throughout your week so that you don’t get bored mentally and so that you work different parts of your body throughout the week, this means there’s plenty of time for rest and recovery for your muscles and joints - try the me|today Move supplement to support your recovery
  • Try something new and have some fun! Look into something you’ve never done before, an online dance class, make up your own bodyweight circuits at home, check out an aerial yoga class, pack some snacks and go on an adventure checking out a local hike that’s been on your list or try out powerlifting
  • Set yourself a personal challenge or enter yourself into an event or competition, this is a great way to hold yourself accountable and bring a deeper purpose to your training


There are so many benefits that come from moving your body regularly, especially in winter to ensure we are in an empowered position to beat the winter blues. Using our tips, create a winter training schedule and don’t forget to have some fun. A great way to support your physical body and get the most out of your training throughout winter is to use a supplement like me|today Move that contains essential nutrients to support healthy joint mobility and comfort.


Unlock your best tomorrow by prioritising moving your body throughout these colder months. Make a plan, join forces with a friend for accountability and have a blast!

Always read the label. Take only as directed and in conjunction with a health balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Me Today NZ Ltd.

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