Me Today Skin & Within: 1-2-3 Skincare Edition

At Me Today we believe in taking what we like to call a Skin&Within approach to beauty, health, and wellness. To us this means taking a holistic, whole-body approach, looking after yourself from the inside and outside so you can live your best life.

When you’re feeling at the top of your game, it’s no coincidence that you’re probably looking your best too. Our inner health is often reflected in our outer appearance, and that means the opposite can be true too. If you’re feeling stressed and run-down, that’s when you might find yourself dealing with pesky breakouts or dull, tired-looking skin.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it’s no surprise that our skin health and appearance are not only affected by what we put on our skin but what goes into our bodies too. So, if your skin is feeling dry or dull, instead of reaching for your moisturiser r (we love Women’s Daily Moisturiser), we say take a holistic Skin&Within approach and hydrate from the inside and outside. Here’s our 3 top tips for starting out.

1. Hydrate! Try sipping water throughout the day, making sure you’re getting your 8 glasses! We like to mix it up a bit with a soothing herbal tea and teaspoon of our Mānuka Honey.

2. Supplement with extra nutrients if you aren’t getting everything you need from your diet. We love skin-supporting collagen, Beauty, and Grape Seed supplements.

3. Moisturise daily, applying your favourite hyaluronic acid rich serum for an extra boost of hydration whenever you feel the need.

And there you have our 1-2-3 Skincare Edition and approach to beauty, health and wellness.

At Me Today “We want you to be healthy on the inside and outside, so you can be here for others”.

We recommend patch testing. If irritation occurs rinse immediately and discontinue use. In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, see your healthcare professional.

Take dietary supplements only as directed and in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Me Today NZ Ltd, Auckland.

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