How to Self-Care


For many people, a daily self-care routine is something they know would greatly enhance their wellbeing, but don’t have the time for.

Or so they think.

Self-care doesn’t take time, it takes self-permission. It takes a declaration of ‘I’m worthy, I matter’.

A great self-care routine starts with a powerful intention. Why do you want to take care of yourself? What will taking care of yourself allow you to be, door have? How will your life be different if you show yourself some love each day?

Self-care is the most potent act of self-love you will ever do. But, in today’s ever busy world, it seems to be something that comes last, or never.

It can also feel overwhelming to some because ‘how could I possibly spend time on myself when other people/my boss/my clients need me? I’m fine!’

Your self-care needs to be your biggest priority. Your daily non-negotiable, like brushing your teeth. Because when you take care of yourself and feel good, you give other people permission to do the same. It’s contagious.

Here are some ways to create a self-care routine you won’t want to skip:


Schedule it in. Just like you would for a date with a girlfriend or a hair appointment, schedule self-care dates in with yourself.This way the time is blocked out in your diary, and is less likely to get overlooked. This might look like a daily meditation before you check your emails, or a weekly walk out in nature, or even a reminder to take your daily vitamins if you’re a little forgetful in that department!


Create a bed-time ritual. Daily rituals are a great way to embed a new routine. A powerful day starts the night before; with a wind-down routine that allows you to shake off the day and prepare for a good nights’ sleep. Before bed I take my ‘night-a-mins’ - me|today Becalm which is full of all of the calming ingredients I need (and none of the yucky fillers that some brands have). Magnesium to support muscle relaxation and the tight jaw I often get from looking at a computer screen too long; turmeric to support stiff joints from sitting, and lemon balm to calm my mental state. A few times a week I will pop on the me|today Women’s Daily Face Mask and lay on my shakti mat reading a book. It has vitamin C in it which works magically on my post summer pigmentation.

Begin. each day with YOU time. Some say ‘make the morning, make the day’. I truly believe that how we spend the first hour of the day sets the tone for the rest of it in terms of our mindset, our productivity and energy levels. Women don’t have the same testosterone levels that men have so our days tend to start a little slower and more flow-y. I like to begin the day with breath work, meditation and a cacao in bed whilst playing with my puppy,Billie. If I’ve prioritised myself first thing in the morning I’m much more calm, centered and happy throughout the day.


It’s okay to say no. Saying no to going out with friends because you would rather stay in and watch a rom-com is an act of self-care. Setting boundaries around when you’re available and what you’re available for is too. It is not your job to make others happy. You do not have to do anything or be anyone other than yourself. Taking care of you is your most important responsibility. Treat yourself like a guest of honour in your own home, because you are!


Honour your cycle. If you’re a menstruating woman your needs and desires are going to change every 24 hours. During your ovulatory phase you have increased energy for exercise and socialising, and will likely have your productive pants on. This is a time when it’s easy to crush your morning and evening rituals, you’re diligent with your supplements and washing your face every night. This is vastly different to your luteal phase before your period starts when you have less energy, will likely want to forego the high intensity workouts, and staying at home with a bath and a face-mask sounds like your idea of a good time. We are not machines, and we are wired differently to men, so it’s a beautiful act of self-care to honour our own rhythms.


Treat yourself! Whether a monthly lymphatic massage, or a daily 30 minute nap - treat yourself to things that bring you the most pleasure; and do them guilt-free. You deserve to feel good.


And lastly, never underestimate the power of placing your hands on your heart and taking a few deep breaths, whenever you feel disconnected from yourself. Self-care is the most precious gift you can give yourself and will greatly enhance all other areas of your life.


Always read the label and use as directed.Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet. Me Today, Auckland

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