Four Healthy Habits for Stress Management

Stress is something we need in life and it can be a good thing – if harnessed well. It can fuel us into action to crush goals and achieve success. It’s important to help us to act fast – if we need to. You know, like if you are being chased by a tiger, then you need to be able to run fast to save your life!

But too much stress can slow us down and block progress. Stress increases our heart rate and blood pressure. It tenses our muscles and shortens our breathing. We go into that fight-or-flight mode. This can make our brain slower because we can get stuck in a tunnel-vision-mode. So too much stress can lead to mistakes, slowed thinking and slowed performance.

If left for too long, stress can result in poor sleep and poor concentration. It can then spiral into things like burn-out, worry and low mood.

So, it’s important that you take time to pause, unwind and to re-set. Find some healthy habits, aka take time for self-care to do things that you love. This will help you to unwind your nervous system and to feel more in “balance” and “happy”.

Here are four Healthy Habits for Stress Management


1. Find the yogi within. Yoga is great for stretching your body – and your mind. The meditation at the end of class is also a great time to bliss out and unwind.


2. Have a night time ritual to help you unwind before bed-time. I have a bath, light a candle and take magnesium before bed. These are my nightly rituals. Always. Magnesium can help to relax muscle tension, unwind stress and can support sleep quality.


3. Practice mindfulness . This tool helps you to live life more in the moment and “now”. It can help you to stop stressful thoughts from hijacking your brain. It’s a tool for embracing more happiness. So, make sure you take time to “train your brain” to think smarter and to be more emotionally in-tune.


4. Take a walk at lunchtime to unwind. Slowing down can sometimes help you to speed up. It can help to clear your brain and to feel “re-set”. A walk can be uplifting as it gets you out into the fresh air and sunshine. It can clear the cobwebs from your brain and help you to feel fresh and ready to hit work again. Better still, walk with a colleague and have some laughs too along the way.

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