Welcome to me | today

You may have seen us popping up here, there and everywhere recently and wondering who is me | today? Well, let us tell you!

We’re a New Zealand owned and operated brand, specialising in making wellness products for busy Kiwis. Nice to meet you!

But we’re more than just our product line (which is super effective, by the way). We’re a group of people who are committed to striving for more and pushing Kiwis to stop settling for feeling ‘meh’.

Personal best feels different to everyone, but we all know when we’re not feeling our best. Being busy is a daily reality, yet the funny thing is when life says slow down, we say no. Why? Because we don’t want to. Life shouldn’t force us to compromise or make sacrifices. We want to live our best life in our own way.

Enter me | today. We’re here to help you unlock your best tomorrow by giving you the best products for your body’s needs, whilst also nourishing and empowering your mind through education.

In the coming weeks, we’ll have guest contributors sharing their knowledge on a number of topics like wellness, food, beauty, fitness, work and travel, all designed to make you more invincible than you already are. Our contributors are an incredible mix of people who have inspired us to no end, and we’re excited for them to share their knowledge with you too.

‍Ask yourself right now, am I surviving, or am I thriving? If you said ‘surviving’, it’s time to make a change. We believe in feeling great in mind, body and spirit, whilst still going a million miles an hour. Stop settling for less and join us in achieving our personal best!

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